December 8, 2023

The bull sticks his head into the tree trunk

Dramatic rescue operation

The bull sticks his head into a tree trunk – and the fire brigade responds with 13 men

In eastern Hesse, a hiker discovered a baby bull whose head had gotten stuck in the hole of a branch and was unable to free itself. A dramatic rescue operation took place.


The bull’s head was stuck in a tree trunk, and the animal was very agitated.

Fire Department Ehrenberg-Fostensachsen/Martin Albrecht (Chief Firefighter)

  • In Ehrenberg-Desert Saxony, Germany, the fire department had to go out to help a bull.

  • The animal was stuck by its horns in a knot between two trees.

  • The rescue operation took two hours.

The wanderer has a bull Saved a life: On Tuesday, a hiker discovered a small animal in a pasture in Ehrenfeld in eastern Hesse with its head stuck in a tree. To rescue the curious bull, the local fire department had to deploy 13 men, and a veterinarian was also called.

The walker saw that the young bull was stuck by his horns in a knot between two trees. The little animal can no longer free itself from its predicament on its own. The man informed the pasture ranger, who was also unable to help his animal. Finally, rescue workers were alerted.

Pieces of tree parts have been removed

Firefighters assessed the situation. The best and only solution was to widen the knot with a saw. But the first attempt failed: the bull was too agitated. The noise of the saw would have frightened the animal even more and possibly hurt itself. The vet anesthetized the bull.

The Ehrenberg-Fostensachsen fire brigade reported that the deployment was carried out “gradually and very carefully” so as not to harm the trapped animal. Fire Chief Albrecht explained to the Hessenschau newspaper that the distance between the saw and the animal was only a few centimetres. “We removed parts of the tree into segments and repeatedly chopped and broke them.” After about two hours, the bull was released unharmed.

It is not known why the small animal stuck its head in the tree. The farmer has a hunch: Cattle are very curious by nature and smell foreign odors in a similar way to dogs.

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