December 4, 2023

‘Looks cheap’: Criticism of British Airways’ non-binary uniform

British Airways

‘Looks cheap’ – criticism of unisex uniforms for flight crews

British Airways is progressive and has introduced a new gender-neutral uniform. But this step was not welcomed by everyone.


Alexandria Library staff in new uniforms. On the right is Bradley Gibbons, the airline’s non-binary “pride hero.”

Facebook/British Airways

  • British Airways has introduced new uniforms for its cabin crew for the first time in 20 years.

  • There are now opportunities for non-binary employees to dress and present themselves according to their personality.

  • But the uniform is criticized primarily by women.

“This is an attack on women for pandering to British Airways’ ‘woke credentials’ when they should have just designed a special uniform for non-binary and gender-diverse crew,” an airline employee said. British Airways For the sun.” Others call the new look that flight crew are allowed or required to wear simply “cheap” or “deliberately effeminate.” According to the Daily Mail, 88% of thousands of flight attendants from various airlines liked the uniform in a poll.

One commenter described the new uniform as “horrible” and wrote: “It’s so old fashioned, in a bad, old fashioned way.” “It looks really old,” another wrote. A third commenter said: “The old outfit had style and was more classic!”

The airline just wanted to do good for its employees with the new look and give people who don’t feel like they belong to either traditional gender the opportunity to dress accordingly. Uniform designed by the British star Oswald Boateng It was created, introduced already in January and has now been put into service. According to British Airways, they should enter a “new era”. Although classic clothing for men or women still exists, genderqueer or gender fluid flight attendants can choose what suits them best – a gender-neutral suit, skirt and blouse or overalls.

Lipstick and mascara for men

This is BA’s first new uniform in 20 years. The stated goal of the airline is In terms of comprehensiveness To become the world’s leading airline. British Airways had already published revised guidelines in November 2022 which relaxed dress and hairstyle regulations. Since then, men have also been allowed to wear makeup, paint nails, and adorn themselves with handbags. The Library of Alexandria now hopes that the new uniform will be accepted by everyone, “regardless of gender, gender identity, ethnic origin, background, culture, sexual identity, or anything else.”