June 21, 2024

After devastation in Florida - "Ian" loses strength - Hurricane moves north - News

After devastation in Florida – “Ian” loses strength – Hurricane moves north – News

  • Weak Hurricane Ian continues to bring torrential rains to the southeastern United States.
  • The hurricane center said winds of up to 55 kilometers per hour lost the strength of the storm.
  • But experts warned of continued heavy rainfall and limited flooding in South, North Carolina and Virginia.
  • At least 44 people have died in connection with the storm that hit the US state of Florida.

according to Power outage on site Nearly 50,000 people in North Carolina and Virginia are still without electricity. In Florida – where 900,000 people are still without power – meteorologists have warned of severe flooding along rivers in the interior of the state.

After Florida, Hurricane Ian hit the US state of South Carolina. There were floods and strong winds. He will likely move to Virginia in the coming hours.

With the current winds, “Ian” corresponds to a hurricane category one out of five. While the winds gradually eased, authorities and weather experts continued to warn of the dangers of storm surges.

On Saturday, the hurricane center predicted Ian would continue to lose strength as it heads north and eventually fade over Virginia over the weekend.

Hurricane Ian devastates Florida and South Carolina

The Path of Desolation in the “Country of the Rising Sun”

A few days after Ian swept southwest Florida, one thing was above all in the American port city of Naples: chaos. There is no electricity yet, and telephone and internet services do not work reliably. However, the streets are full of cars. Lots of people pay to go back to town. They want to see what the storm has done to their homes and vacation homes — and start cleaning up.

In Naples, “Ian” hit the ground on Wednesday as a level four hurricane with a speed of about 240 kilometers per hour. The city is known for its elegant shops and golf courses. While strong winds in the coastal town of Fort Myers, about three-quarters of an hour’s drive north, destroyed many buildings, torrential rains in Naples caused floods several meters high.

In the Florida Sunshine State, Ian’s film left a trail of destruction. The water is now drained again, but what remains is a foul smell of fish and litter. The hot Florida sun shines on the partially dried mud that is scattered.

At least 44 people died

There was no clear information on the number of victims on Friday. At least 44 deaths associated with the storm were initially counted in Florida. However, there is no clarity on this yet. US President Joe Biden voiced his concerns Thursday, saying, “This could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history.”

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More than 2.5 million people were temporarily without electricity. Previously, tens of thousands of mechanics were activated to repair power lines as quickly as possible. The Florida governor said electricity had been restored to more than 350,000 as of Thursday.