June 20, 2024

For Athena (10), the title revocation has dire consequences

For Athena (10), the title revocation has dire consequences

The Danish Queen Margrethe stripped the children of her youngest son Joachim of their titles. For Princess Athena, this has dire consequences.


The basics in brief

  • From 2023, the children of Danish Prince Joachim will no longer be princes and princesses.
  • This has worse consequences for his youngest daughter Athena than his sons.
  • Reason: If she marries a middle-class man, she loses another title.

Zoff in the Danish royal family! Queen Margaret (82) announced that the children of her youngest son, Prince Joachim (53 years old), will not soon return to be princes and princesses.

Meanwhile, Margaret and her son are said to have talked to each other, but the waves haven’t calmed down yet.

Do you think it is good that European monarchies are shrinking?

Princess Athena makes a more difficult decision

Joachim thinksWithdrawing the title would have dire consequences for his children. Margaret’s decision must have been particularly difficult for Princess Athena (10).

Because: Nikolai (23), Felix (20) and Henrik (13) will become Countess of Monpezate in 2023. Then Athena holds the title of Countess of Monpezate.

But the student may also lose this title in the future. Countess like «expensive» White, the unmarried girl’s nickname for the count. If Athena marries a commoner, she also loses this title. On the other hand, her siblings stay after one wedding count.

Athena is already suffering badly from her grandmother’s decision. Prince Joachim and his wife Marie, 46, recently complained in an interview that their daughter was going through a hard time: “Athena Being bullied at school. They come and say, aren’t you a princess anymore? “

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