October 3, 2023

The boss is considering offering personal loot

The boss is considering offering personal loot

Diablo 2: Resurrection It got some innovations and changes compared to the original version from 2000. One of them is currently discussing the Diablo boss with his team and it has been surprisingly well received.

What kind of feature is this? It’s all about personal loot in Diablo 2. Next Diablo 2 beta ends Fans are now discussing what could be improved. Including the distribution of spoils.

Loot in the game usually falls to all players in the round and the following applies: First come, first serve. So whoever picks it up first can claim the loot for himself.

This is no longer possible with personal loot. Then everyone sees only the things that are meant for them on Earth. This gives each person his prey. But of course you can still trade.

Is the feature definitely coming? No, at the moment the developers are thinking about whether and how they should implement personal loot. Diablo president Rod Ferguson says Perso-Loot will appear after release as soon as possible (via Twitter.com).

However, even ardent game fans are sure that the change is good. Because it fixes one of the biggest problems before.

The gameplay of Alpha of Diablo 2: Resurrection.

Players say: Why not? But then right

Why is change so well received? There were major problems with bot users in Diablo 2. These objects were collected automatically by third-party programs and so quickly that no human player could respond.

This is especially annoying in general games when all the items are suddenly grabbed by thief ninjas in the famous Baal tracks. Personal booty will help here.

How should personal booty be executed? The proposal is being discussed lively among fans on reddit. The corresponding topic now has over 600 comments (via reddit.com). Not many would like to make (big) changes to Diablo 2, but they would be happy with personal loot.

Above all, it is important that the choice comes like this: an option that can be turned on and off. It is also important that this does not change anything in the prey. As long as the calculation remains the same, the idea is good.

It would definitely be annoying if nothing fell for so many kills. According to fans, it will be even more annoying if bot users click on the loot. This feature is especially welcome for public games.

By the way, consoles have to do without the famous lobby function of Diablo 2: it has been revived for the time being. In general games in particular, it would be helpful to use personal loot to ensure fairness.

Perso-Loot and more – what else will change?

Diablo 2 has received a number of changes compared to the original, including larger camps that can also be used by multiple characters on the account. It is also taken in one form or another from Diablo 3.

The biggest change is of course the graphics update including revised cinematics, all of which have also been re-released.

Revised cinematography for the first chapter.

In addition, there are some convenient changes such as better connectivity, automatic grouping of some items, and console support on the PC. Additional functionality can be adapted after release.

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Diablo 2: Resurrected will be released on September 23 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. However, after beta testing, MeinMMO author Gerd Schuhmann confirms: “You think you want it – but you don’t”