June 21, 2024

Railway Empire 2 erscheint 2023 für Konsole und PC (Abbildung: Kalypso Media)

Kalypso Media announces Railway Empire 2 and Dungeons 4

Railway Empire 2 will be released in 2023 for console and PC (Image: Kalypso Media)

Even before Gamescom 2022 kicks off, Kalypso Media confirms sequels to popular strategic brands: dungeons 4 And the Railroad Empire 2.

Kalypso Media’s Realmforge (Munich) and Gaming Minds (Paderborn) companies are working on new releases for popular brands. Media representatives can both dungeons 4 Beside Railroad Empire 2 Showcasing the first in business from Gamescom 2022 (Hall 4.2).

Both games will be released in 2023 for Xbox Series X/S, PC, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch – and will be included in Xbox Game Pass for Xbox and PC from day one.

Updates Among the titles receiving the highest grants from the Department of the Economy as part of federal gaming funding: For dungeons 4 There are 1.8 million euros – for Railroad Empire 2 At least 1.2 million euros.

The Railroad Empire 2– Players orchestrated a train operation in the 19th century in Europe and North America. Large maps, 60 detailed historical locomotives, and “significantly improved track construction” were announced. dungeons 4 It is a real-time strategy game with 20 missions and co-op multiplayer.

Kalypso Media, headquartered in Worms, is one of the country’s largest game developers and publishers: the company employs about 160 people in Germany alone.