April 23, 2024

Taylor Swift: This is how the American star became a billionaire

She could sing a song about her astronomical earnings: Queen of Pop Taylor Swift. Photo: imago/AP

Pop icon Taylor Swift has finally made it to Forbes' list of the world's richest celebrities. Their fantastic wealth comes from these sources.

In October 2023, American pop icon Taylor Swift (34 years old) had already broken the billion mark by her total calculated assets. Since April 2, her name has also been included in Forbes' list of the richest celebrities in the world. According to an American magazineUnlike other celebrities, she made the leap into the super-rich club not primarily through lucrative advertising deals or corporate investments, but almost exclusively through direct royalties from her music.

And in order to know the source of her impressive wealth – which is said to have assets worth a total of US$1.1 billion (about €1.02 billion) – Page Six magazine took responsibility for the issueTo take a closer look at the composition of their income.

According to the report, the singer has earned $400 million from her music catalog alone. There is also huge income from music streaming services. According to the report, in a very successful 2023, she earned around $130 million from streaming on Spotify alone. It is said to have earned another $80 million from issuing music licenses. These royalties are charged when copyrighted music is used in films or commercials.

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Huge gains from the “Ages” tour.

Swift reportedly earned about $370 million after taxes from her previous tours. With total revenue estimated at over $1 billion, their “The Eras” tour, which runs through December 2024, is considered their most successful tour ever. According to Page Six, 700 million of that came from the sale of an estimated 4.35 million tickets for the 60 stops on the tour by the end of 2023, plus 225 million for promotional items sold on the sidelines of the concerts or more. It became the Internet.

As with other musicians, various advertising deals with companies such as CoverGirl, AT&T, Target, Sony, and Coca-Cola regularly brought in large sums of millions to the artist's account. She is said to have raised a whopping $26 million for her long-term partnership with Coca-Cola alone.

Another contributor to Taylor Swift's total assets is her high-profile real estate portfolio. According to the report, the singer owns five luxury properties in the United States with a total value of about $150 million.