April 23, 2024

After Charles' cancer: An American broadcaster criticizes Queen Elizabeth

The late Queen becomes the target of criticism after Charles was diagnosed with cancer.Picture: Paul AFP/AP/Ben Stansall

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It was announced on Monday that King Charles is suffering from cancer. The 75-year-old king had previously undergone a routine prostate examination. However, nothing is known about the type of cancer. The environment also did not provide any accurate information about the seriousness of the disease.

She added, “Today, His Majesty the King began a regular treatment plan, during which doctors advised him to postpone public duties.” Charles will continue to run affairs of state as usual.

The broadcaster attacks the Queen over Charles' cancer

However, the media and observers of the British royal family reacted extremely angrily to the cancer diagnosis. The BBC is under fire for its “disgusting” reporting. The station sometimes gave the impression that King Charles was already dead.

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Charles' cancer diagnosis became public this week.Photo: AP/Dita Alankara

A talk show from the USA, where Charles's illness is also being watched with a keen eye, shows how charged the atmosphere around the topic is. On ABC's “The View,” co-host Joy Behar attacked the late Queen Elizabeth, saying: “Page six“.

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The reason for the criticism in brief: Moderator Joy Behar believes the Queen has made her son Charles wait too long to succeed the throne: “The poor man, he's finally king, and now he's suffering from an illness. This doesn't seem fair. Something's wrong.” This statement could also give the idea that Charles had actually received a fatal diagnosis. However, there is still no more accurate information that could provide a basis for such speculation.

Queen Elizabeth died in September 2022. Charles assumed his mother's throne in 2023 at the age of 74. Joy Behar sees an “unfair” disparity here after her cancer diagnosis. she said:

“[Queen Elizabeth] He held office for 70 years, the longest term in office. “I think she could have used term limits.”

If Behar had his way, the Queen should have stepped down sooner and “give Charles his place in the sun.”

Charles' condition was called into question after his cancer diagnosis

And so far there's no sign that Charles' time in the sun is running out any time soon. Of course, a cancer diagnosis at this age should always be viewed with concern. So far, warning statements have been issued by palace departments. This is what came on Tuesday:

He added, “The King thanks his medical team for the rapid intervention made possible by his recent hospitalization. He remains positive about his treatment and looks forward to returning to full public service as soon as possible.”

It is currently unclear when this condition occurs and how Charles' disease progresses.

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