T-Rex as a visitor magnet

More than 350 dinosaur fans flocked to the Dinosaur Museum on Sunday

The dinosaur has been the focus of the Frick Dinosaur Museum since Easter. This past Sunday you can also do crafts and paint at several stops.

Over 350 dinosaur fans flocked to the Dinosaur Museum this past Sunday and took the opportunity to do different T-Rex things inside and in front of the museum. Funny hats were made, toilet rolls cut out to size folded into a dinosaur were drawn, colorful dinosaurs were made from paper plates and those who were patient enough could try their hand at an origami T-Rex. Coloring pictures were available for younger children or small plaster dinosaurs to draw on, suitable as magnetic attachments. There was a lot of tinkering in the relaxed atmosphere and several children proudly carried home their work at the end. It was interesting for the team to see how many different dinosaurs were brought in and offered as “entrance tickets”. Some kids brought a plush T-Rex, others brought a smaller or larger doll, and the dinosaurs waved and flashed from the many outfits. Tyrannosaurus has really conquered many children’s rooms.

What ended up as a majestic dinosaur about 66 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous period began its evolution 150 million years ago. The predatory dinosaur Notatesseraeraptor frickensis can be considered a very early ancestor of the T-Rex. Notatesseraeraptor’s tooth size is roughly the size of a nanotyrannus tooth shown in the display, which is now thought to be a tooth of a small tyrannosaurus. So, 210 million years ago, herbivorous plesiosaurs had to be wary of their carnivorous counterparts, too. (mgt)

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