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Now also as an open source template: Hugging Face provides an alternative to ChatGPT. (Photo: TippaPatt/Shutterstock)

American chatbot Hugging Face faces ChatGPT with an open source alternative. Huggingchat is still a little behind in development, but it has big goals.

ChatGPT Gets Open Source Quiz: How Techcrunch Reports, users can use the artificial intelligence bot huggingchat Now use an alternative to the popular OpenAI for free and without restrictions.

Huggingchat: A free chat program with the usual teething woes

In principle, Huggingchat can do everything a business relationship can do: communicate with AI in a simple web interface, where, on instructions, it can write code, deliver email drafts, or even come up with creative scripts. It should also be possible to integrate the tool into existing applications.

Simple and accessible for free: the web interface with which you can run Huggingchat. (screenshot: Huggingchat/t3n)

However, the program is still prone to the teething problems that ChatGPT left behind long ago. For example, the AI ​​reacts to some questions that are clearly influenced by biased source material and thus provides unreliable or incorrect answers. For example, in the Techcrunch test, the chatbot responded to someone who actually won the last US presidential election: “Donald Trump.”

In contrast, Huggingchat openly acknowledged the racist questions in the test and therefore refused to answer them. So the program is not completely untrained.

Huggingchat is meant to be more than just a ChatGPT clone

The AI ​​model was developed by the German non-profit company Open Assistant, which was already working on an alternative AI project to convert text into images stable spread was involved.

Hugging Face admits their internal AI software needs improvement, but they have big goals: they don’t just want to copy ChatGPT, they want to create an independent chatbot that’s accessible to everyone and that can use API and search dynamically, increasingly personal but small and efficient to the point It works on average devices, according to the company on its GitHub page.

Experts fear that open source AI will be misused for criminal and immoral purposes even more than is already the case with paid models. If the quality of results is truly comparable to ChatGPT, then this fear shouldn’t be completely unfounded.

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