April 23, 2024

The first images show a more modern design

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Not since the iPhone 14 has there been a smaller mobile phone from Apple. More recently, the iPhone 13 Mini was an option here, alongside the iPhone SE from 2022. However, the 13 model has been discontinued and the SE's successor is still in the stars. However, CAD drawings can now be found online that are supposed to show the design of the new iPhone SE 4, and these drawings show massive changes to the model.

iPhone SE 4 has an AMOLED display, a new notch, and no home button

The graphics look very similar to the iPhone 12 Mini or iPhone 13 Mini. On the top area, you can see the familiar larger notch, which will likely house FaceID. In addition, Apple should also switch to the AMOLED display on the iPhone SE 4 and leave the LCD display for last. The iPhone SE 3 (2022) still comes with a 4.7-inch IPS panel, but it's already miles behind the competition.

Speaking of lag: We currently assume that Apple will opt for a 60Hz display for the iPhone SE 4. This is also currently the case with the regular iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, and their pricing is still based on the mainstream high-end. The iPhone SE 4 will likely be cheaper, so you shouldn't expect 90 or even 120 Hz here. A strange thing: current sources assume that the new SE model will have the same size as the iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 and therefore will also have a 6.1-inch display. This means that the series will say goodbye to the very compact dimensions of previously small devices. It would be a shame if this actually happened.

This is what the iPhone SE 4 is supposed to look like. The design is almost identical to the iPhone 14, including the display and FaceID.

The CAD rendering is missing important Apple model keys

However, there is also a small problem with the display of images. These leaked CAD drawings are usually very accurate, with many case manufacturers relying on precisely fitted dimensions. They also have to know where the corresponding keys belong and that is exactly where the problem is. In all the published renders, neither the famous mute switch nor the action button that has been introduced since the iPhone 15 Pro can be found. It would be very strange if Apple suddenly dropped both in the iPhone SE 4.

It's also not entirely clear yet when a potential new SE model will appear. Until now, many rumors have assumed that we will have to wait until at least 2025. If the leaks increase significantly in 2024, it will also be possible to publish them or at least make a presentation this year. You can find more images, including the missing button, in the source link at 91mobiles website.

source: 91mobiles