April 22, 2024

StoryUp launches the artificial intelligence application “StoryUP AI”

The “StoryUp AI” web app from the Winterthur-based StoryUp agency is designed to write a 90-second story in just minutes. This story can be used in marketing, sales, and seeking capital.

Editorial Board

February 27, 2024

the “StoryUp AI” web app It was developed at the beginning of 2024 and has been extensively tested since then, StoryUp wrote in a statement. With the aim of keeping access for users as easy as possible. A clear, fun design and some targeted questions should contribute to this. Access is free at first.

The development of the web app was positively influenced by its proximity to the Swiss startup scene, he says. StoryUp founder Stefan Huber not only works as a storytelling and AI coach for marketing teams, but also supports startups as part of different programs such as Innosuisse, Startup Campus, Clima Now or Start Global from the University of St. Gallen: “The proximity to the startup scene has helped us a lot in Application development. In the first testing phase, we were able to improve the web application with several startups. One advantage is that some startups work on their own with AI solutions.

The agency wants to continue developing “StoryUp AI” in the next few months based on feedback. Stefan Huber: “It was a successful start. The many positive comments now show us how we can develop the app further. Some very exciting ideas have already been brought to our attention.” So far, the app runs in the background using data models from Open AI. According to the information, more will come.

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