July 15, 2024

Steffi Graf vs Andre Agassi: Spontaneous Buckleball Match

Steffi Graf vs Andre Agassi: Spontaneous Buckleball Match

Steffi Graf actually came to Hollywood last Sunday to cheer on her husband, Andre Agassi, at the Pickleball Slam. In the Championship Show, he competed in the doubles with Andy Roddick against John McEnroe and Michael Chang. However, McEnroe said the prankster and cult collie had a great idea when he spotted Graff on the edge of the field. So there was a short duel between Graf (53rd) and Agassi (52nd).

Footage from the hilarious event shows McEnroe asking Graf to fill him in during an interview. “I’m going to hurt myself – will you take care of me after that?” The 22-time Grand Slam winner flirts with McEnroe. However, much to everyone’s delight, she proves her spontaneity and takes a place next to Chang in a few rallies.

In the end, the Agassi/Roddick duo prevailed over rivals McEnroe/Chang and took home prize money. Pickleball is a small-scale sport that combines elements of tennis, table tennis, and badminton. Pickleball was invented in the USA about 60 years ago. It has been enjoying increasing popularity for several years and has matured into a trend sport.

Pickleball has been a recognized sport in Germany for almost ten years, and the first German Pickleball Championship was held in 2019. Anyone who wants to see for themselves will have the opportunity in a few days: the fourth edition of the championship will be held in Gelsenkirchen from 14 to April 16, according to the German Football Association’s homepage.

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