May 24, 2024

Stage victory for Lamborghini alleged: Lawyer: Court recognizes the DNA obtained as evidence

Antonio “Tonino” Lamborghini admits to having an affair with opera singer Rosalba Colosimo.

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The legal dispute over the alleged daughter of Italy's third richest man, Antonio Lamborghini, enters the next round. Now, a fake DNA test is supposed to confirm paternity, and also be valid in court.

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  • Flavia Borzoni is fighting in court to force Italy's third richest man, Antonio Lamborghini, to admit she is his daughter.
  • On her behalf, private investigators extracted a pipe from the trash belonging to her alleged sister, Elettra Lamborghini, and used DNA testing to confirm the relationship.
  • Antonio Lamborghini does not want to accept the result and speaks of inadmissible evidence.
  • Borzun's lawyer disagreed and told Bild that the DNA test is admissible as evidence in court.

For years, Italian opera singer Rosalba Colosimo has claimed that her daughter Flavia Borzoni's father is actually Antonio Lamborghini. The son of the company's founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, does not want to know anything about this. The 76-year-old sued them for defamation in 2021 and won. Since then, the two women have been no longer allowed to publicly express their allegations and have had to pay a fine of 30,000 euros.

Rosalba Colosimo and Flavia Borzón were not satisfied with the ruling. The mother-daughter duo hired private investigators who obtained a DNA sample from Elettra Lamborghini, Antonio's daughter. During one performance, private eavesdroppers rummaged through the singer's trash and took the straw that Elytra used to drink the juice.

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Beautician Flavia Borzon is convinced that her father is businessman Tonino Lamborghini.
Beautician Flavia Borzon is convinced that her father is businessman Tonino Lamborghini.


Illegal DNA sample?

The researchers had this examined for DNA testing by a professor of genetics at the University of Ferrara. According to Flavia Borzon's lawyer, it turns out that “our client and Elettra Lamborghini are sisters.”

Unsurprisingly, Antonio Lamborghini refused to acknowledge this DNA test, which was supposed to confirm the fraternal relationship between Flavia Borzon and his daughter Elettra.

“My daughters Elettra and Flavia Borzon are not sisters, and the DNA sample is illegal,” Lamborghini said recently, according to “Corriere di BolognaHe said: “The DNA test was carried out on the basis of a sample that was taken from my legitimate daughter in a crooked way and was therefore conducted illegally.” The truth is that the criminal judge did not accept it as evidence.”

An important day of negotiations will come on May 6th

The 76-year-old admitted during negotiations that he had an affair with Rosalba Colosimo in the 1980s. At that time, opera singer Colosimo also became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter Flavia in 1988. Just at that time the relationship with Antonio Lamborghini was said to have ended.

According to DNA testing, Elytra Lamborghini is said to be related to Flavia Borzon.
According to DNA testing, Elytra Lamborghini is said to be related to Flavia Borzon.


as “picture» It has now been reported that the fraudulent DNA test will be accepted in court, contrary to Lamborghini's statements. Borzon's lawyer confirmed this to the German newspaper, which wrote that at the January 29 hearing, the judge requested statements from the private investigator who obtained the DNA sample, as well as the genetic evaluation with the positive result.

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Whether Borzon has indeed been confirmed as the daughter and potential heir of Antonio Lamborghini cannot become clear until the next day of the hearing, May 6, at the earliest. The DNA sample will then be accepted as evidence.

The legal battle may be worth it for Borzon, as Lamborghini's assets are estimated at around €1 billion. He sold the company he inherited from his father in the 1970s.

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