February 28, 2024

Who will you choose as Person of the Year 2023? – culture

Who will you choose as Person of the Year 2023? – Culture – SRF

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Taylor Swift, Barbie or Xi Jinping: Time magazine chooses “Person of the Year 2023”. Who would be your first choice?

Every year, Time magazine compiles a list of people eligible for the “Person of the Year” award. The American magazine’s editorial team confirms that elections revolve around the people or groups that had the greatest influence on global events.

The goal is to honor the winner who made the headlines — “for better or worse.”

Why was Putin nominated?

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This will not be the first time that Putin has won the title of “Person of the Year.” In 2007, the magazine awarded the title to the head of the Kremlin. The logic at the time was that Putin had succeeded in bringing Russia back from chaos to the “table of global powers” ​​– at the expense of democracy. “He’s not a good guy, but he did extraordinary things,” said Richard Stengel, Time’s senior editor.

In 1938, the title of “Person of the Year” went to Adolf Hitler.

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