February 22, 2024

Pregnant Emily exposed neo-Nazis – and got beaten up!

Emily became S. She became known throughout Germany in the summer after she posted neo-Nazi party videos on X (formerly Twitter). According to reports, she has now become the victim of a brutal attack in her apartment in Dresden.

Emily was just moving in with her boyfriend, Tobias, when she was surprised by the intruders. She explains to Bild: “All doors were open to us because of this step. We were in the kitchen when suddenly two men and a woman attacked us, punching and kicking us.

What makes matters worse is that the 24-year-old was two months pregnant at the time. She is said to have said: “Please don’t, I’m pregnant.” However, the assailant kicked her in the stomach and beat her with his fists. Tobias suffered two lacerations to his head.

According to her own statements, she knows who is behind the attacks: “One of them is a rapper from Goerlitz who was making music with my friend. The reason for the attack was a dispute over an old BMW car. The rapper wants 10,000 euros in compensation from us because his car was stolen.”

A police report issued at the end of April confirmed that two BMW 5 Series were stolen from a local garage. “One of the BMWs belonged to us, and the other belonged to a rapper. He wanted to mess with the cars. When it was stolen, he suddenly charged us,” Emily explains the motive.

A short time later, the parents reported the three attackers. “We now know who the woman who attacked me is. Thank God our baby is healthy,” says Emily. A police spokesman confirmed to Bild: “We are investigating bodily harm and the theft of a cell phone.”

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The rapper that Emily is accusing has not yet responded to any contact requests.

In the summer, Emily posted a video showing a Men’s Day party with swastika flags in the background. Investigations are still ongoing against the party organizer for using symbols of unconstitutional organizations.