December 5, 2023

Some Pixel users are facing serious issues after Android 14 update

This is a big problem, as more and more Pixel users are facing issues with their data usage after updating to Android 14.

It’s an absolute nightmare when your smartphone suddenly becomes unusable and you lose all your data. Many Pixel users with multiple user profiles have encountered this exact issue after updating their Google smartphones to Android 14 since October 4. There may not be a solution yet.

Even weeks after the first reports, Google doesn’t seem to have a solution yet, which is another problem. You can notice errors when apps like Camera and Google Photos report that memory is full or apps cannot access the memory. The second user profile can work without any problems.

Because there are a lot of reports In the forumsNumbering in the hundreds, a notable number of users appear to have been affected and Google is certainly struggling to find a suitable solution behind the scenes, but unfortunately they have yet to respond and that’s annoying.

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