June 21, 2024

Soldiers faint in the heat

Royal admits difficult circumstances

shock! Soldiers fainting at Prince William’s military parade

At least three soldiers fainted from the heat.

Caraway Tang

Just in time for the weekend, summer is also approaching in the UK. At least three soldiers experienced that the heat could reach their heads. Because during a royal military parade on June 10, 2023 some health incidents occurred!

Prince William pays tribute to the soldiers on social media

Military parade of Prince William Faded soldiers in the heat

Temperatures rose above 30 degrees in the UK for the first time this year.

Getty Photo

At least three soldiers were lost in the scorching heat during a royal parade. The Met Office has confirmed that temperatures have risen above 30 degrees in the UK for the first time this year – with Heathrow hitting 30.5 degrees.

The Prince of Wales, who led the colonel’s parade at the Horse Guards Parade in central London, paid tribute to the soldiers on social media. He wrote in a tweet: “Thank you so much to all the soldiers who attended the colonel’s session in the heat this morning. Tough conditions but you all did a really good job.”

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At the ceremony, horses and soldiers performed complex battlefield rehearsals to military music. More than 1,400 soldiers and 200 horses of the Home Band of the Welsh, Irish, Scots, Grenadiers and Coldstream Guards were reportedly brought in for inspection by Prince William. It was organized ahead of the Trooping the Color show which will take place on June 17, 2023. (Ciba)