July 13, 2024

Soil is home to more than half of the species on Earth – Thred website

Soil is home to more than half of the species on Earth – Thred website

Life in the soil doesn’t just help produce what we eat (i.e. its place). 95 percent of the world’s food are cultivated), but they play a crucial role in maintaining soil cohesion and provide us with potential sources of soil Antibiotics and new medicines.

Hold the flooring too .three times The amount of carbon in plants is twice as much in the atmosphere. This, as we know, is necessary to absorb the massive amounts of heat storage emissions that are exacerbating our environmental emergency.

Against this background, the analysis highlights the urgent need to protect soils, which have historically been overlooked in broader conservation discussions because we know so little about them, and which are increasingly threatened by heat, drought, floods and agriculture.

In fact, one-third of our planet’s land area is severely degraded and 24 billion tons of fertile soil is lost every year due to intensive agriculture alone. UN-sponsored study, Global Land Outlook.

“Soils are under enormous pressure, whether it be from agricultural intensification, climate change, invasive species and much more,” says the author. doctor. Mark AnthonyHe is an environmental scientist in Federal Research Institute of Forests, Snows and Landscapes (WSL).

“Our study shows that soil diversity is large and therefore important, and should therefore receive greater conservation attention.” Soil organisms have a much greater impact on the balance of our planet. Their biodiversity is important because soil life affects climate change, global food security and even human health.

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