December 4, 2023

Round 14 of the Premier League – 6:1 shooting festival in Wankdorf: YB dismantles Lucerne – Sports

  • BSC Young Boys did not give Lucerne any chance in their home match in the 14th round of the Premier League and won 6-1.
  • Meschack Elia emerges as a dual scorer, and Darian Males and Ebrima Colley score for the first time in a YB uniform.
  • In the other two matches on Saturday evening, St. Gallen beat Winterthur 4-2, and Yverdon and Lausanne-Sport tied 2-2.

Lucerne’s winning signs in his guest appearance on YB could have been better – to put it mildly. While YB are unbeaten in the Super League for 6 matches, Lucerne have been waiting for a win in Wankdorf since February 2020. YB have won all of their last 27 home matches in the championship.

There was also no indication of the amount of extra work being endured by the Bernese, who had to travel to Manchester during the week. Thus, it did not take long until it became clear in the Federal City who was carrying the scepter:

  • Sixth minute: Less than 6 cursor rotations after the kick-off, Meschack Elia takes the free kick – circling the ball over the wall and into the net.
  • Minute 13: After another 6 minutes, the ball once again fidgeted into the net behind Lucerne’s pathetic goalkeeper Pascal Lauritz. Darian Males gets the ball in the box, takes it with a surprising amount of time and space and scores his first goal in a YB uniform.

Mayer provides flexible (short-term) credit line momentum.

After YB played a cat-and-mouse game with the visitors, Lucerne’s Sofiane Chader appeared practically out of nowhere inside Bern’s penalty area in the 28th minute. As YB’s Lewin Blum initiated the aggressive tackle, referee Lionel Tschudi logically pointed to the spot. Max Mayer converted the penalty kick to make the score 1:2.

The German not only ended his personal goalscoring drought, but also brought some momentum to Lucerne’s efforts, which had previously been nipped in the bud by an organized YB side. Lucerne suddenly had chances, and Meyer and Teddy Oko narrowly missed Lucerne’s equaliser.

However, the pendulum must swing again before the tea break. Elia rocked the Bernese stronghold once again with a 3-1 win. Shortly before the whistle on the left flank, the Congolese tried the classic ‘Spitzgug’ and surprised Lauritz.

Lucerne is disassembled into individual parts

After a good hour, the last hopes of a Lucerne upset were dashed in the Wankdorf hour. YB began by dividing the Lucerne guests into individual parts:

  • Minute 67 4:1: Because Luca Jacquez pulled his opponent Jean-Pierre Nesami’s shirt inside the penalty area, the Bern team also received a penalty kick. It was not necessary to ask Silvere Ganvoula twice.
  • Minute 73 5:1: After a brilliant shot from Cheikh Niasse from around 30 metres, the structure of Lucerne’s goal shook, and Ebrima Kole stood in just the right place and slotted home the rebound.
  • Minute 74 6:1: Just a minute later, Jean-Pierre Nesami joined the scorers. He puts a perfect cross from Genvola into the goal.

The Bernese team’s 6-1 victory is historic: Lucerne have not suffered such a heavy defeat in the Premier League this millennium.

This is how it goes

Competitions in the Premier League will be suspended for two weeks, with the national team’s rest period approaching. The two teams continue on Saturday, November 25 at 6 p.m. YB visits FC Zurich for the top match, and Lucerne hosts FC Winterthur at home.

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