PUBG Mobile update adds a self-driving Tesla Model Y car

PUBG Mobile Maybe it’s not the first game you’d expect Connect the electric carBut it’s all here. Crafton and Tencent games for her rolled Update 1.5 for the phone-focused shooter, which includes a number of inaccurate plugs for Tesla and its cars. In particular, you will find a file Y.- Model In Erangel, with autopilot mode activated, he can drive himself on the highway – not far from real autopilot mode.

In Erangel you will also find Giga Factory where you can build Model Y by activating switches and driving yourself articulated truck Roam the map and drop supply crates when you damage vehicles. No, despite the pictures, you can’t drive a car electronic truck or roadster (At least not yet).

The additions are part of a larger “technological transformation” for Erangel that includes an overhaul of new buildings and equipment, including an anti-gravity motorcycle.

As is often the case, you should not expect these updates on a regular basis pubg – Battle Royale Brawler for consoles and PC has a more realistic atmosphere. The PUBG Mobile The update is really an inaccurate way for Tesla to promote its electric cars in countries where there is not yet strong rhetoric in its favour.

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