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iPhone users are complaining about battery problems

iPhone users are complaining about battery problems

Updated Jul 9, 2021 at 10:53am

With the iPhone iOS 14.6, Apple has eliminated many issues. But it is clear that the program drains the battery faster than previous versions. In some cases, simple tricks help.

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The complaints of iPhone users do not stop. It seems that the current operating system is taking care of it iOS 14.6 Some Apple smartphone batteries drain faster than previous software versions. Since the release of iOS 14.6, many iPhone users have complained that their smartphone battery life is significantly reduced.

Both old and new iPhone models are affected

Apparently, not only older phones like the iPhone 7 were affected, but also the current top models an Apple. For example, a user on the online Reddit forum writes that he is almost 2 months old Iphone 12 Pro Max has “really ruined”. While the battery lasted for two days soon after purchase, he now has to charge the iPhone at the end of each day.

Another user reported that his battery was only half full after a day – although he barely used the phone. A screenshot of his battery activity shows that power is permanently low, despite only using the iPhone for 1 hour and 20 minutes. During this time, the screen was on for an hour.

However, the issue doesn’t seem to affect all models: one user wrote that he hasn’t noticed any battery issues with his iPhone 11 Pro Max since updating to 14.6. The battery will discharge as quickly as before.

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Apple has yet to respond to a request from Spiegel Thursday morning what is causing the problems and what solutions are available to users.

iPhone Users Help Themselves: These Tricks Might Solve the Problem

While Apple is silent, iPhone users help themselves, apparently, battery problems can be avoided to some extent. One user is suggesting to turn off Optimum Battery Charging. In some cases, it is also useful to create a backup copy first, then reset the settings, and finally reload the backup. Some members of the Apple forum have identified the podcast app as a source of the error and recommend deleting the app.

The issue can be resolved with the announced iOS 15. At least beta testers vouch for the software for better battery management. The new iOS is expected to be released in the fall, when Apple releases new smartphones. iOS 15 brings with it new functions like split screens for FaceTime, automatic phone number recognition on photos and Siri voice assistant, freed from the compulsion of the internet.

However, battery problems can be eliminated beforehand. Because the iOS 14 update will be delayed in the coming weeks. Last week, Apple released the fourth beta of iOS 14.7. This means that after several tests, the program will soon be offered to all users for download.

So far, Apple has not implemented specific performance brakes for certain apps in order to save battery. Smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is currently under fire for this. The comparison platform “Geekbench” has taken the best models of the Chinese group out of its range because, among other things, the OnePlus 9 is supposed to call the full performance in benchmarks, but stifle the performance of some gaming applications.

Apple introduced new products on April 20, 2021. Among other things, new iMacs, a new Apple TV, an improved iPad Pro — and an entirely new product called “AirTags” were shown. You can find an overview of the new products in the photo gallery.

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