October 5, 2023

Producer explains what each "Final Fantasy" movie belongs to • JPGAMES.DE

Producer explains what each “Final Fantasy” movie belongs to • JPGAMES.DE

It’s been an insightful week for things Final Fantasy XVI. Producer Naoki Yoshida has conducted many interviews, we have The most important details are collected here for you And the Themes like open world And the Take a closer look at the party and Torgal.

In the PlayStationBlog Naoki Yoshida talked about what makes Final Fantasy so special to him. This is of course very interesting for his role as producer of Final Fantasy XVI. “I would say that the core elements of Final Fantasy are the deep story, deep gameplay, cutting edge graphics and sound…and of course chocobos and moogles.”

Throughout Final Fantasy’s 35-year history, there has always been a principle that every director must make the next Final Fantasy game “the best” in the series. Regardless of the game world, the characters and the combat system will always change.

“As a result, players and Final Fantasy fans around the world have very different ideas about what constitutes a game in the series — but to me, those are those elements,” Yoshida says.

“When it came to making decisions about Final Fantasy XVI, I thought about the time I played the original Final Fantasy game. At the time, I felt like I was playing the main role in a movie,” recalls Naoki Yoshida.

“I wanted that feeling [Final Fantasy] Sixteenth, but with the latest game design and technology. The entire development team, led by Hiroshi Takai, has come together to realize this dream, and I hope you all look forward to it.”

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We are looking forward to it – right?

Artwork: Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix