May 22, 2024

Chat about research with scientists in bars and cafes

The Science Festival will be held from May 13 to 15 in six cities in Austria. More than 100 scholars present a wide range of topics in entertaining conversations.

Bringing science out of its ivory tower – that’s the slogan Science Festival “Science Pint”Where you can chat with more than 100 researchers in Vienna, Innsbruck, Graz, Salzburg, Kufstein and Krems about their projects from 13 to 15 May. After a short conversation in the evening over a glass of beer, the researchers present their findings and their social impact. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to ask questions and have a conversation. “It is important for us to show that science and research are relevant to all of us and have an impact on the way we live,” says Lisa Recknick, director of the Pint of Science Festival in Austria.

The talks are designed to be entertaining and have titles such as “Electrical Innovations for the Palate,” in which Felix Shotrov, a food process engineer, and Jorge Rivera, a food technologist, explain how the use of electricity and digital technologies can improve food, or “Clowns: Aspects of Laughter.” And the horror” – On this evening, the innocent joys of early childhood laughter contrast with the dark depths of scary clowns by developmental psychologist Gabriela Markova and theater scientist Lena Sharma.

In Austria since 2022

The festival was founded in England in 2013 and has since spread around the world. In 2022 it was held in Austria for the first time. The current festival will include 50 events in six cities. Topics range from measuring distant galaxy clusters, the impact of environmental influences on the gut-brain axis and the universal design of urban environments to the question of whether care and entertainment robots endanger or enhance our human dignity.

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