Elden Ring on the SNES: This is what it could look like and I’ll buy it

After I recently watched Game Boy from elden ring Since it can be played on real hardware, today we see from the software role-playing game as an interpretation of SNES.

YouTube channel 64 Bits has released a new video that shows how Elden Ring was envisioned as a SNES game.

classic view

When you realize this diabolical dream, you rely on a top-down perspective, as you know it from classic role-playing games.

You can watch the character fight various familiar bosses using melee and magic weapons.

Other Elden Ring news:

Mode 7 VFX is used on the world map before focusing on specific areas and dungeons. There are many references and things that you should know if you play Elden Ring.

Unfortunately, unlike the Game Boy demake, it’s not a real game that you can play, stick with this video. It’s a shame, isn’t it? I will buy it

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