February 22, 2024

Google Features Drop announces Gemini AI

Google has released a new feature for Pixel smartphones. This update brings a number of improvements and new features, especially for the Pixel 8 Pro. But older models like the Pixel 5a 5G and Pixel Tablet are also benefiting from the update, Golem reports.

The highlight of the update is the integration of Gemini AI into the Pixel 8 Pro. This AI is used to provide summaries of audio recordings and generate suggested answers in WhatsApp. However, these functions are only available in English at the moment.

In addition to Gemini, the Pixel 8 Pro is getting the long-awaited Video Boost feature. With this function, videos are uploaded to the cloud and are automatically optimized there: in terms of exposure, color and noise. Video Boost can also stabilize videos and enhance night shots.

The Google Photos app is necessary to use Video Boost, as the processing does not take place directly on the smartphone. Unfortunately, older models like the Pixel 8 don’t receive this video boost.

But there’s more good news: The update also improves lighting for people in portrait mode on Pixel 6 smartphones and on tablets. It should also be able to correct blurry photos in Google Photos better than before.

From the Pixel 6 onwards, thanks to the update, smartphones can also be used as a webcam. However, this requires UVC (USB Video Class) support. The Pixel 5a 5G has an improved document scanner that can remove dirt from documents.

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When your Pixel smartphone is sent in for repair, Repair Mode is now available. In this mode, apps and content such as photos, messages, and contacts are blocked. Additionally, Pixel smartphones can be unlocked after the update without using a screen lock – provided you’re wearing a Pixel Watch.

The update will be distributed wirelessly to all 5a 5G Pixel smartphones and tablets. Distribution is done in waves over several weeks.