July 14, 2024

The Osiris Rex probe is on its way back to Earth

The Osiris Rex probe is on its way back to Earth

With a sample of the asteroid Bennu in his case, NASA’s “Osiris Rex” probe has returned to Earth. Expected in September 2023.

The basics are in brief

  • NASA’s Osiris Rex probe is on its way to Earth.
  • The probe has a sample of asteroid Benno in its bags.
  • The sample will not reach Earth until September 2023.

The probe got on Monday Leaving Bennu’s orbit, The US space agency said NASA With. In October, the “Osiris Rex” sample took from the asteroid during a complex maneuver that lasted several hours – the first American rocket in space history. This sample The probe will now be delivered to Earth in September 2023.

The “Osiris Rex” was launched in September 2016 from the Cape Canaveral spaceport. About two years later, the probe reached Benno.

Since then, it has orbited the asteroid, which is 6 meters long and 2,100 kilograms of heavy probe. She examined him with her scientific equipment and cameras.

Jet black pino is Named after an ancient Egyptian god. It is about 550 meters in diameter and can be Earth 150 years very close Come.

Even if the risk of impact is very low, this is important NASA Bennu is among the most dangerous asteroids currently known. So she wants to search for it very carefully.

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