September 30, 2023

Prince Harry worried about Meghan Markle: “No wonder!” A relationship expert sounds the alarm

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going through tough times. Constant pressure from the public and work-related categories take their toll. A relationship expert is now sounding the alarm that Prince Harry himself is very worried about his wife, Duchess Meghan.

Prince Harry is said to be very worried about his wife. Image: Image Alliance/dpa/PA Wire | Kirsty O’Connor

Moving to America and leaving the British royal family had one big goal for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: more privacy and a quieter life. But interest in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex hasn’t waned – quite the opposite! Both his fans and his critics are looking for new information every day. The stress couples experience from public pressure is immense.

Prince Harry worried about Meghan Markle – is constant stress taking its toll?

As Prince Harry is also aware of this fact, according to the current report of the British, the former king is said to be. “Express” His wife Meghan Markle was very worried. Not least because the Duke is currently traveling a lot and Duchess Meghan is the only one exposed to a whole media circus during these work-related segments.

Meghan Markle is sending her husband Prince Harry a secret cry for help

One can only guess how well or badly the former “Suits” actress is coping with her separation from her husband. But the 42-year-old has recently had a so-called anti-stress plaster on his wrist.. Her husband Prince Harry’s cry for help? At the time, Duke was in Japan and Singapore, where he competed in the 2023 Handa Polo Cup.

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Prince Harry is leaving Meghan Markle behind to travel to Britain alone

Next month, Prince Harry will leave his wife again and travel to England without her for a charity event. Meghan Markle accompanying her husband is not up for debate because, according to royal expert Bill Dampier, she will be the Duchess of Sussex. “Don’t set foot in England again”.

“No wonder!” Meghan Markle is relying on friends for support during her breakup

Meghan Markle is said to be heavily dependent on the support of her friends at the moment due to the pressures she is exposed to in her daily life. She has recently been spotted having lunch with friends or at a Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles. For relationship expert Louella Alderson, the photos of Meghan Markle with her friends are “no surprise.”

A relationship expert who sounds the alarm! Duchess Meghan can’t trust everyone

“Constant scrutiny from the media and public opinion can be stressful and take its toll. Also, several of Meghan and Harry’s businesses have failed recently, so it’s no surprise she’s relying on her friends for support,” the relationship said. “Express” specialist. But Alderson also sounds the alarm: “With Meghan Markle in the public eye, it can be difficult for her to truly trust others. It makes the close friends she has that much more important and valuable.”

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