May 22, 2024

Prince Harry loses legal battle over security precautions

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Updated February 28, 2024 at 2:08 p.m

Prince Harry, 39, has lost a legal battle against the British government over security measures in the UK. This was reported by the British newspaper “The Guardian” and others.

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This is what Prince Harry's legal battle was all about

The case was about whether a monarch who lives in the United States is entitled to the same protection as the rest of the royal family when he travels to his old homeland. Youngest son of King Charles III (75) He wanted to appeal the decision of the responsible committee. He decided in February 2020 to be given a lower level of publicly funded security after he resigned from his royal duties and moved to the United States.

Harry Lawyers told the court in December that the 39-year-old's treatment was “unlawful and unfair”. They warned of the “impact on the UK's reputation” if the Duke of Sussex was attacked.

Prince Harry receives 'tailored' protection

They also accused the Executive Committee for the Protection of Kings and Public Figures of making its decision based on an insufficient security analysis. This means that Harry's children got it too Duchess Meghan (42) Protection is insufficient. However, the Home Office said Harry's security arrangements would have to be “tailored” and assessed “on a case-by-case basis”.

The High Court in London has now ruled that the decision was neither illegal nor “irrational” and that there was no procedural unfairness. The “tailored” procedure for the fifth in line to the British throne is “legally flawless”.

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The judge also noted that the Committee's terms of reference in almost all cases relate to UK residents. Since Harry and his family live in the United States, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “did not easily fit into this framework.” (poke/spot)
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