May 22, 2024

Are old movies with racist or sexual content still entertaining?

Current YouGov polls in Germany and the UK on the entertainment value of film content

Movies or TV shows made several decades ago may now be viewed as sexist or racist, and therefore no longer appropriate. In the context of current social debates, events, or changing moral concepts, a thematic sensitization occurs, meaning that the content and narrative styles of older films can be looked at critically. For example, this resulted in films like “Gone With the Wind” being removed from streaming platforms for a certain period of time.

However, the opinions of the German and British people on this matter are clear: a majority of Germans (67%) say that these films can still be entertaining, despite the criticism directed at them. Women say this less than men (61 percent versus 73 percent of men). 82% of Britons say so. In the UK, men also say this more than women, but the difference is not as pronounced as in Germany (86% of men vs. 79% of women).

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