May 19, 2024

Confirmed expert: Harry and Meghan will not return to the royal family

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Updated March 5, 2024 at 1:16 p.m

The decision may have been made: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will not return to Great Britain as part-time or full-time royals to support the royal family in their current situation. At least that's what one expert says.

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Due to cancer King Charles III (75) Who is temporarily absent after undergoing surgery Princess Kate (42), and British media had proposed a temporary return for Prince Harry (39) and Duchess Meghan (42).

Since the Duke of Sussex struck an unusually conciliatory tone towards his royal family in a TV interview, there has been speculation about whether it would be possible for the couple to move between California and the island and be used as a kind of “part-time royal”. But the PR expert now clearly rejects this, and also gives a clear reason for this.

Will the return to Megan fail?

Harry And Megan “I will not be returning to the UK full or part time,” said Lynn Karat of Press Box PR. For the British newspaper The Mirror. While former royal butler Grant Harrold believes a return is “very possible”, a Hollywood expert at a London PR agency is certain it will not happen.

This is mainly due to the Duchess: “Meghan does not want to settle in Great Britain, although I am sure Harry would enjoy spending more time in his home country and meeting up with his old friends again.”

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But for an American-born woman, that's not an option: “Meghan was having a hard time living in the UK before Megxit, and being part of the British monarchy was outside her comfort zone. Her popularity in America is much greater than it was in the UK.” In Britain, public opinion of Meghan had fallen “to a completely negative level” and it was “unlikely” that Britons would “welcome” her return after all the detailed interviews.

According to the PR expert, the Duchess will have to do a lot to change her image: “Meghan can increase her popularity by not constantly playing up her royal connections, as is the case on her newly launched website for Harry. For the British” and to become more accessible to the public. “They may also consider limiting the use of designer labels.”

It is also recommended that you “show yourself as an ordinary working mother who faces the same challenges as others.” Will the former 'Suits' actress really take it? The expert strongly doubts this.

“I think every illness brings families together,” Harry said.

Prince Harry and his wife resigned as working royals four years ago and moved to the United States. They live with their children Prince Archie (4) and Princess Lilibet (2) in Montecito, California. After being diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of February 2024 King Charles After becoming known, Prince Harry quickly traveled home to visit his father. There was subsequent speculation in the British press that Harry might want to temporarily return to royal service.

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My thoughts were strengthened after an interview conducted by the 39-year-old on the American program “Good Morning America.” There the dissident king said: “I believe that every illness brings families together.” He also stressed that he loves his family and is “grateful” that he was able to travel to his father so quickly.

The brother of the heir to the throne, Prince William (41 years old), also announced that he will travel to Great Britain frequently again. “I think Harry would like to expand his children's relationship with King Charles,” public relations expert Lynn Karat said while evaluating the plans. He wants to make sure the youngsters understand their heritage. “Now that the kids are a little older and traveling with them is easier, I'm sure Archie and Lilibet will be visiting the UK more often.” It remains to be seen whether Meghan will be there too. Lately, Harry had always traveled to Great Britain without her company. (eh/spot)

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