December 5, 2023

Prince Harry: Brother “destroyed”! Prince William draws the line

Royal fraternity feud and no end in sight: There has been an icy silence between Prince William and Prince Harry for some time. According to aristocracy experts, the royal sons’ prospects for reconciliation are worse than ever.

Elite experts such as Jenny Bond say it is doubtful that royal heirs Prince William and Prince Harry will ever reconcile. Image: Image Alliance/dpa/PA Wire | Victoria Jones

As is well known, you can’t pick your relatives – if you look at the news of the royals, it’s not just the average consumer and his hunchback relatives who sometimes get into trouble. Prince Harry, who broke away from the British royal family, began a campaign of revenge against his family after moving to America.

Royals’ trouble over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dominates headlines – Complaining couple left earth inside palace

what In podcasts, interviews, biographies, and Netflix documentaries, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have covered accusations against the British royal family. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex could not be suspected in advance: thanks to the shocking allegations, the couple became not only permanent guests in the gossip columns, but also quickly gained a reputation. Constantly tense couple with subscription to the role of the victim A. The British royal family, however, have kept their distance from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and have not commented on the endless litany of allegations. So far, the prospects for a clarifying debate or reconciliation are slim – and according to the current assessments of a respected expert on the aristocracy, that is unlikely to change any time soon.

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Gloomy prospects for Prince Harry: No reconciliation with Prince William expected, says aristocracy expert

Jenny Bond, a royals expert with years of insight behind palace walls, has recently made an interim decision after keeping a close eye on the simmering controversy primarily affecting Prince Harry and his older brother, Prince William. Finally, without any notable events, a date passed which would have been suitable for a reconciliation between the warring royal sons: On September 15, 2023, Prince Harry celebrated his 39th birthday And because of the Invictus Games in Düsseldorf at the same time he was conveniently on the same continent as his brother Prince William. The crow flew nearly 500 kilometers separating the heir to the British throne and the Duke of Sussex, who has been living in North America since early 2020 — but on Harry’s birthday, of all days, there was no call with congratulations, no. No texting and no personal meeting between brothers. Clear sign for Jenny Bond: The reconciliation train has long since departed for Prince William and Prince Harry.

‘No way back’: Are Prince William and Prince Harry at odds for eternity?

The aristocracy expert found clear words to describe the relationship between the sons of King Charles III. And Princess Diana. Prince William was so hurt by his younger brother’s actions that any hope of reconciliation was shattered. “There’s no going back for the brothers, I can’t imagine it,” said Jenny Bond, according to the British “Sun.” “The deep divisions between them and Prince Harry’s visit to England to arrange a meeting suggest that this rift will not be resolved in the near future.” Just before heading to Dusseldorf for the Invictus Games, Prince Harry made a detour to London and attended this year’s Wellchild Awards.

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Already read it?Repentant Prince Harry! This measure lasted until King Charles III. is hidden

Prince William is said to have “erased” brother Harry from his consciousness

Jenny Bond says there is no reason for Prince William to contact his younger brother: the heir to the throne is “so deeply wounded that he will completely remove Harry from his consciousness. He has chosen his own path. Maybe Harry has too,” the royal expert said. In Jenny Bond’s estimation, Prince Harry understands the fact that his family won’t even publicly congratulate him on his birthday, Jenny Bond continues. “I think William and Harry have reconciled with each other. But that doesn’t mean Harry won’t be hurt. Family is very important to him and even if he doesn’t show it, he will be very upset. “He’s a very fragile and confused creature,” she said.

Lost everything! Does Prince Harry now understand the consequences of his actions?

After all, Prince will remember his former celebrity in his British homeland Harry has always been at the bottom of royal popularity pollsBring tears of regret to your eyes, says Jenny Bond, and she points out: “He definitely misses his friends, who he’s known since childhood and school and now lost. It probably feels like a divorce,” the siding is being picked up and many of Harry’s friends are now siding with William over Harry, It worries him a lot.”

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