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PREVIEW: These are the 16 participants in this weekend’s World Senior Darts Match

PREVIEW: These are the 16 participants in this weekend’s World Senior Darts Match

The second edition of the World Senior Championships will be held on Saturday, September 2 and Sunday, September 3. Famous darts players over 50 years old will participate in it.

The field of participants for the World Seniors Darts Matchplay 2023 consists of 16 players. Dartsnews brings you each of the participating players individually.

Field of participants for the 2023 World Senior Darts Championships

Scott Mitchell (53)

Since this year, Scott Mitchell has also become admired among the seniors. Scotty Dog made his World Senior Championship debut earlier this year, losing in the second round to Robert Thornton.

In 2010, Mitchell made his Lakeside debut at Frimley Green. After five early eliminations, the Englishman suddenly won the title in 2015, beating Martin Adams 7-6 after a brilliant finish.

After that, Mitchell was stranded twice more in the quarterfinals and once in the semifinals at the hands of Lakeside. As of 2020, Mitchell has also played PDC tournaments. In 2021 he received a tour card and also participated in the World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace that year. After two seasons, Mitchell lost his tour card again.

Paul Hogan (60)

60-year-old Paul Hogan doesn’t have many titles to his name, but he has always been a dangerous opponent for many. He has competed in the BDO and WDF World Championships 11 times, with four quarterfinal matches as highlights.

Hogan has also competed in the PDC UK Open six times. In this tournament, Crocodile Dundee has already eliminated big names like Adrian Lewis and Gary Anderson. In 2017 and 2018, Hogan reached the last 16 of the FA Cup of Darts.

Richie Howson (57)

Richie Howson is one of the few participants in this tournament who has made a name for himself primarily through good results on the World Seniors Darts Tour.

Last year, he reached the second round of the World Senior Darts Championship and the semi-finals of this tournament. At the time he lost in the round of four to eventual winner David Cameron.

However, the highlight of his career came earlier this year when he reached the final of the World Senior Darts Championship. After victories over David Cameron, Andy Jenkins, Phil Taylor and Leonard Gates, he lost in the final to Robert Thornton. Then the “Owl” reached the final of the Champion of Champions tournament. In the final, Leonard Gates proved to be too strong.

Trina Gulliver (53)

Trina Gulliver is one of two women working in this field. She has competed in every televised tournament on the World Seniors Darts Tour so far, but is yet to pick up a win.

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The “Golden Girl” is considered one of the most successful darts players of all time. She has 166 different titles to her credit, a number surpassed only by Dita Hedman.

But the difference with Hedman is that Gulliver won 10 world titles, while Hedman did not win any. The 53-year-old Englishwoman was a nine-time world champion from 2001 to 2011. After not winning for four years, she finally captured her 10th world title in 2016.

Dita Hedman (63)

Due to the cancellation of Martin Adams, Hedman could appear in this tournament. As previously mentioned, Hedman is one of the most successful women’s darts players of all time.

She won hundreds of titles in various open tournaments. She won the Dutch Open three times, the Women’s World Championship twice, and the Finder Masters. Only their lone world championship title is still missing from their balance sheet. She was a Lakeside finalist in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Kevin Painter (55)

Kevin Painter is one of four players to have played in every major tournament on the World Seniors Darts Tour to date. Since failing to earn his PDC Tour card at Q-School 2021, ‘The Artist’ has turned to tournaments from other organisations.

But the painter celebrated his greatest successes at PDC. In 2004, the Englishman lost 7-6 to Phil Taylor after a legendary final. Painter played a total of 26 World Cups, seven with the BDO, 17 with the PDC and two with the WSDT.

The 55-year-old darts player capped his career in 2011 when he won his only major title at the Players Championship Finals. He won five more PDC classification tournaments and competed in Premier League Darts in 2012.

Leonard Gates (52)

Leonard Gates made an impressive appearance on the World Senior Darts Tour this year. It started by reaching the semi-finals of the World Senior Darts Championship, then winning the Tournament of Champions in March with victories over Phil Taylor, Martin Adams and Richie Howson. He also won the World Seniors Darts Masters award.

Within 12 months, the Jets made their first appearance in three different World Series. Before competing in the World Senior Darts Championships, he competed in the WDF World Cup at Lakeside in April 2022. In December, the American darts player made his debut at the PDC World Darts Championships at Alexandra Palace. In both tournaments the second round was the final round.

Colin McGarry (58)

Colin McGarry competed in the PDC World Cup of Darts in 2004 and 2014, but then disappeared from the scene for a long time. Since 2022, he has suddenly reappeared on the scene.

McGarry is starting his fourth major championship at the WSDT. After reaching the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Senior Darts Championships, he came close to pulling off a thriller against Phil Taylor in the first round of the Senior World Cup earlier this year. He won this match by a narrow margin of 3-2.

John Henderson (50)

John Henderson, at 50 years old, is the youngest participant in this tournament. The Scot is a fan favorite and, having lost his PDC Tour card, can now also compete in senior tournaments.

Highlander is very experienced and has been involved in darts since the beginning of this century. In 2005 and 2010 he played at Lakeside and from 2012 to 2021 he participated in nine editions of the PDC World Championship.

David Cameron (53)

David Cameron already has a televised World Seniors Darts Tour tournament behind him. In 2022, he won the World Senior Darts Championship after victories over Kevin Painter (4-3), Robert Thornton (4-2), Colin Monk (4-2), Richie Howson (5-2), and Phil Taylor (6). -3). ).

Cameron has already played in the World Championships with four different federations. From 2014 to 2020 with BDO, 2022 with WDF and 2023, “Excalibur” participated in the PDC World Championship and thus in the WSDT.

His participation in the World Senior Darts Championship ended earlier this year after just one round following a 3-2 defeat to Richie Howson. Then the same Howson again beat Cameron (13:11) in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Robert Thornton (56)

Robert Thornton is the most successful player since the founding of the World Senior Darts Tour. The Thorn has won three of the last six televised tournaments.

The Scot has won two World Seniors Championships and was also the best in the World Seniors Darts Matchplay 2022. But 55-year-old Thornton still has many other impressive trophies to his name.

He won the Winmau World Masters in 2007 and has won the PDC UK Open (2012) and the World Grand Prix (2015), beating Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen in the final.

Neil Duff (51)

Neil Duff can prepare for his third WSDT Championship. Earlier this year he made his debut for this association at the World Senior Darts Championships. At the Circus Tavern, the Northern Irishman lost to eventual winner Robert Thornton in the quarter-finals.

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50-year-old Duff is a real late bloomer. In 2019, he reached the quarter-finals of the BDO World Masters, and in 2022 the highlights of his career followed. “The Duffman” won the first edition of the WDF World Darts Championship after a very exciting final match against Thibault Tricole (6:5).

Phil Taylor (63)

Phil Taylor is of course the most experienced player in the field, but the 16-time world champion has never won a WSDT championship.

However, last year, “The Force” came close to the World Seniors Darts Masters Championship. But then David Cameron proved too strong for Taylor in the final.

This ultimate darts legend really doesn’t need any further introduction. A total of 16 World Series titles, 78 major titles, 101 television titles and a total of 236 championships were won in his career. Taylor is rightfully considered the greatest darts player of all time.

John Bart (57)

John Bart is the last of three North American players in this tournament. The 56-year-old part can rightly be described as a great player in the game of darts.

In 1994 he became the first player from outside the United Kingdom to win the world title at Lakeside. In 2003 and 2008 he also became world champion with PDC. His World Championship final against Phil Taylor (2003) is considered one of the most memorable darts games of all time.

However, Bart is the only non-European to become world darts champion. The Canadian also won the title at the Las Vegas Desert Classic in 2006 and has won a total of 20 PDC titles.

Glen Durrant (52)

In 2020, Glen Durant won the Arrows Premier League title, but the 52-year-old soon left Middlesbrough. The reason was a congenital anomaly in the litter and psychological problems.

He competed in the World Senior Championships earlier this year, but lost 3-0 to Mark Dudbridge in the first round. Earlier this year, Durant was scheduled to compete in the World Senior Darts Championships, but canceled because he felt “not ready”.

Jim McEwan (56)

The youngest participant in the World Seniors Darts Matchplay is Jim McEwan. The Scot made his debut at the 2022 WDF World Championship and performed well there with a place in the quarter-finals.

McEwan also pitches in other leagues and regularly finds success there as well. In 2021 and 2022, McEwan won one championship on the PDC Challenge Tour.

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