December 1, 2023

Premiere in Switzerland – FCL fans move to the boardroom – Sports


The Fan Association holds more than 10% of the shares of FCL Innerschweiz AG. He wants to better incorporate grassroots concerns.

During the general meeting of FC Luzern-Innerschweiz AG on Thursday evening, the Swiss central company presented a unique project to date. Thanks to the 10% stake, the newly founded association “FCL-Basis” will have a seat on the AG Board of Directors. This was made possible thanks to an interest-free loan of 1 million francs provided by a group of anonymous fans.

The core business of FC Luzern-Innerschweiz AG is game operations for the first team. This means that fans cannot intervene in the share dispute with main shareholder Bernhard Alpstaeg. This is done one floor higher, at FCL Holding AG.

However, FCL Basis hopes to be heard more. For example, regional roots and a “sense of togetherness” are very important to fans. This was shown through a large poll among fans. The “FCL Basis” project aims to give Lucerne supporters unique rights to have a say throughout Switzerland.

That’s why it shouldn’t just stay with the 16 founding members. The club is open to more FCL fans. The association wants to finance the million-dollar loan from their membership fees.

Representative on the Board of Directors

As new representatives on the board, the club wants to make sure that “the basic DNA of FC Luzern” is preserved: “For example, that a club we love is called FC Lucerne and suddenly does not have a team name.” Energy drink manufacturer. “Or that our colors are blue and white – and we don’t do any experiments with that.”

At the general meeting held on Thursday evening, Daniel Bretschje was elected to the Board of Directors, representing FCL Basis. Previous board members, including Chairman Stefan Wolff, were re-elected.