Philips Hue Festavia – Light chain suitable for outdoor use?

The Philips Hue Festavia Light Series appears to be suitable for outdoor use. But why isn’t it official?

Is Hue Vistavia weatherproof after all?

Last week I was at the Signify event invited, where the new Philips Hue Festavia smart light series was introduced. It is 20 meters long, equipped with 250 lights and can be used for a Christmas tree or other holiday decorations. However, according to Signify, Festavia is for internal use only, which raised some questions at the event. In the press file, there were also a few photos of Festavia being used outdoors, but these were later removed.

Labels on power supplies reveal interesting facts

Colleague Fabian from Hueblog I had already received a copy of Festavia and had a closer look at it. It turned out that according to the labels on the power supply and the console, the string lights could actually only be used indoors, but these labels were later stuck. Below, the actual information is shown, which confirms its suitability for external use.

Photo: Hueblog

Apparently, Signify didn’t have enough time to deliver

If you look at the facts, the unpublished press materials and posters speak for themselves. Philips Hue Festavia appears to be suitable for outdoor use, but Signify has not been able to officially communicate this due to time constraints. To take advantage of the Christmas business, the IP certificate may have simply been skipped.

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