July 15, 2024

The first images leaked for beginners’ development

The first images leaked for beginners’ development

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to: Aileen Udovenko

Pokémon Crimson: Starter Developments – Leak Shows First Images © Nintendo

New leaks of Pokemon Crimson and Crimson spread on Twitter. Among other things, the photos should show the developments of the three starters.

Tokyo – initiator developmentsPokemon It provides a lot to talk about in every generation of games. also in Pokemon Crimson and Crimson There has been much speculation about the appearance of Felori, Kwaks, and Krokel at a later date. But it seems that some fans have now managed to get hold of the game ahead of the release and are busy posting pictures of the latest generation of Pokémon. So perhaps the scarlet and crimson beginner’s secret had already been revealed.

ingame.de reveals all about Pokémon Crimson and Crimson starter leaks.

It’s actually a week before the release of Pokémon Crimson and Crimson, but the secret to the initial developments for the new versions may have already been revealed. Since ardent fans were apparently able to get their hands on the game in advance they are now seriously sharing gameplay photos on Twitter.

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