July 15, 2024

Blizzard Entertainment loses another high-ranking employee

Blizzard Entertainment loses another high-ranking employee

Blizzard Entertainment scandals continue to make waves. Overwatch’s executive producer has now left the company.

The basics in brief

  • Since last July, negative news headlines about Blizzard Entertainment have been piling up.
  • The studio is constantly losing staff due to sexual harassment and discrimination.
  • Chacko Sonny, Overwatch’s executive producer, also said goodbye.

Because of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace He was sued a few months ago She filed against Blizzard Entertainment. The situation at the game developer remains tense to this day. Chacko Sonny, chief development officer for Overwatch and Overwatch 2, has now announced his resignation.

Sonny is leaving Blizzard Entertainment on his own

In an email, Sony is said to have informed employees that he will be leaving the team next Friday. Meanwhile, this information was confirmed to Bloomberg by Blizzard. The team leader spoke in his letter of “absolute privilege”; It would have been “the best years of his career”. About the current allegations against the company Or the reasons for his resignation? He did not go in.

Even if there were no direct connections, this exit would be painful for Blizzard Entertainment. Chacko Sonny was responsible for the development of Overwatch 2, which is most likely One of the most important upcoming titles For Blizzard it is. It has not yet been decided who will follow in Sony’s footsteps.

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