Video Series – Dornbracht: Video assembly instructions for HVAC professionals

Dornbracht is now offering installers support for video stabilization on its YouTube channel: the company has already posted about 20 videos focused on installing and installing new hidden products. Among other things, it shows that the recently introduced xGrid rail is Accurate, quick and uncomplicated installation of advanced bathroom solutions Allow. The animation will be expanded continuously in the coming weeks and months to give artisans better support during installation. → Dornbracht YouTube channel

Anya –

Video player, manual clicks on the start button.

Video assembly in 3 chapters

● The first two parts use an illustrative animation to show the components included and the tools required.
● The third chapter deals with installation: after marking, the installation of hidden fittings is shown and professional instructions for connecting pipe joints are shown.

Videos contain all measurements He described, among other things, possible pipe diameters for proper installation. Installers can then see how accurate it is stamped and again surface coveringeg tiles or plaster.

The explanatory videos are about four minutes long and present the stages of product assembly in an entertaining and understandable way – in German and English. There they are Individual working steps for reference in the video descriptions. ■

Example compilation video from Dornbracht

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