April 13, 2024

Announced the beta of the survival game Dysterra

Announced the beta of the survival game Dysterra

Today, Kakao Games announced the closed beta of online survival game Dysterra in partnership with RealityMagiQ. The beta starts on July 7th and runs through July 20th, so it’s currently being searched for by testers around the world.

Players who want to participate in the beta can visit Steam . page From Dysterra simply click on “Access Request”.

Since the alpha phase last March, the developers at Dysterra have implemented feedback from testers and updated and improved gameplay based on community experiences. In particular, the following elements will be tested in this beta: team system, larger game world, reorganization of the user interface and user experience as well as a single player mode for beginners.

Dysterra is a survival game with massive multiplayer and offers deep crafting systems, including construction and production, as well as exciting conflicts between players on a planet devastated by environmental disasters. The game is played with the graphics power of Unreal Engine 4.


  • Dystopias, preparing futurists
  • Gripping action shooter
  • Various crafting systems
  • Landmark-based raid system
  • universal control system
  • Supports eleven languages: English, German, French, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese

More information about Dysterra is available at steam and on Servant of Discord.

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