Embarrassing mistake in the Philippines: In a video, the island state’s tourism department announces vacationers with footage from other states. According to the ministry, the local public relations agency is responsible for the incident. On Monday, the authority said it was “outraged and deeply disappointed”. The contract with the agency has been terminated.

The video, about a minute and a half long, posted last week, had the tagline “Love the Philippines”. At first there was great joy over the successful ad film, but then netizens pointed out that some of the materials used did not show the Philippines at all. The segment is no longer used.

Archival footage in the clip includes rice terraces in Indonesia, a silhouette of a fisherman in Thailand, an airport runway in Switzerland, and sand dunes in the United Arab Emirates. The ministry wrote that the company “flagrantly failed to fulfill its obligations under the contract.” However, the PR firm apologized and openly admitted to installing foreign material.

The agency admitted that it bore full responsibility for the failed film, and said that “the use of foreign footage in an advertising campaign for the Philippines is highly inappropriate and goes against the ministry’s goals.”

The Philippines consists of about 7,600 islands. The Southeast Asian country is known for its dream beaches. Inland, national parks, forests, waterfalls and mountainous landscapes attract visitors.

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From: APA/dpa