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Rita Bendel of Abensberg from Johannes-Nepomuk-Gymnasium will represent the Kelheim region in the United States for one year.

July 22, 2021
11:13 am

Sponsor Florian Osner (CSU) farewell to Rita Bendel in the USA. “He will represent Kelheim and Lower Bavaria in the best possible way. Pictured: Marcus Stigler

Abensberg.In just under two months, Rita Piendl will be heading to the land of unlimited possibilities. From the end of August, Abensberger, who is in ninth grade at the Johannes-Nepomuk-Gymnasium in Rohr, will live as Germany’s junior ambassador to the United States for a year. As part of the Parliamentary Sponsorship Program (PPP), she was chosen by Bundestag member Florian Osner to represent the Kelheim region in the United States, according to a letter to our newspaper.

Piendl will be staying with a host family in the small town of Saint James, Minnesota, and attending high school. “I am so excited and grateful that despite so many applicants, Mr. Oßner and the PPP scholarship have given me the opportunity to spend a year abroad in the USA. I am very interested in American culture and look forward to living with my host family. It is also a great honor for me to represent Germany in America As a junior ambassador, “I wish Rita Bendel an eventful time and lots of valuable experience for her private and further career path,” said her patron Osner, who formally bid farewell to the young ambassador at his countrymen’s office in Abensburg. Osner himself was allowed to spend a year abroad as part of his studies.

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