September 30, 2023

‘Let’s Dance’ star Kanussi is getting married to her friend in Las Vegas – her mom is disappointed

Did Kanoosi take his chance in Las Vegas?Image: IMAGO/Future Image


Vera Siebnish

Knusi is currently traveling in the United States. This isn’t the first time the “Let’s Dance” star has been to Las Vegas, but he remains happy with each visit. Only a few days ago he published a photo that was supposed to confirm exactly this, but for the photo of himself as a teenager, the artist received a lot of malicious comments from fans and colleagues.

Now surprise the operator with a new video message from Las Vegas. He spoke to his followers from a very private place, hinting that he might have made an important decision. Did he marry for the second time?

Knusi’s friend appears with a ring on her finger

The relationship between Knosi and influencer Lea Mitro has been official since fall 2020. Since then, the couple has repeatedly appeared together in videos, especially during his time with “7 vs. Wild,” Knosi frequently stressed how much he misses his girlfriend. The influencer also accompanied him to Las Vegas. And from there, the two have now spoken to their fans with big news.

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“Today is a special day,” Streamers announced on his Instagram story. He portrays himself in front of the wedding chapel. “45 degrees at the Wedding Chapel, I’ll tell you, wow, just wow,” he said. But what makes this day so special, he doesn’t want to reveal at first. Instead, advertise a vlog.

But in the next video, there are plenty of clues as to what Knossi and Lia could have done in Vegas. Because Leah is laughing and holding a diamond ring to the camera. The whole thing didn’t come cheap, Knosi explains:

“What does that cost now? 600? 700?”

Did the two secretly get married in Vegas? After all, Knusi had already made his vows to his first wife, Tamara, in Las Vegas, writing “Colorful“.

Knusi speaks simple language

Knusi finally settles it all in an Instagram post: This issue is not intended to be taken lightly. Knusi wrote “A fun little wedding without papers” about several photos showing him and his girlfriend kissing with a wedding bouquet and rings on their fingers. Apparently, the streamer wanted to do his partner a favor. “Happy woman,” he simply writes about the photos. Leah is happy too: “Even if it was a fun wedding, it was a great surprise.”

Obviously, Knoosi’s mother doesn’t really agree with the way the ceremony went. “Too bad there is no wedding dress,” Ida captioned below the post. There, many fans of Knossi and Lia also point out that now they would be happy with a real wedding for the couple. It remains to be seen if that will actually happen.

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