September 30, 2023

Alternative Meta Threads on Twitter are not coming to the EU at the moment

Alternate Twitter Meta Threads will not be available in the European Union tomorrow, Thursday, and will not be coming “in the foreseeable future.” The Irish Independent reports, citing Ireland’s Data Protection Authority. The Data Protection Committee (DPC) has learned from Meta that Threads will initially only be published in the US and UK. The application will not come to the EU “for now”. At the same time, the DPC confirmed that it did not block entry to the European Union. DPC is responsible for Meta because the US group’s European headquarters are in Dublin. It can be assumed that Meta Threads are falling because the application does not comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


It is unclear to what extent Securing users from the European Union It could go at all, after all, the threads would have to be linked to Twitter’s alternative Mastodon and the so-called Fediverse via the ActivityPub protocol. It seems likely that users in the EU won’t be able to switch to the new platform, but they can communicate with active accounts there from Mastodon. It is unclear how Meta can specifically prevent such contacts only with the European Union, when it should be possible for the rest of the world. Topics will start with Instagram and require users to have extensive access to personal data, and preliminary analytics of applications that can be viewed have already been shown.

It was not announced until the beginning of the week that the threads were about to be published. With the Twitter alternative, Meta wants to take advantage of the chaos in the big role model, as Elon Musk continues to make sure that many users say goodbye. Threads stands for “Instagram text-based conversation app” in the Meta and is said to be closely associated with the photo-sharing platform. If you create an account on Topics, you will only be able to change your Instagram username and profile picture. According to US media reports, many celebrities have vowed to get an account on the strings. We’ll see on Thursday if it’s also possible to follow them from Mastodon.


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