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How is it treated and how can it be prevented?

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Nails can reveal a lot about your health. If they suddenly turn a scary green color, this is not just a cosmetic problem, but an infection that needs to be treated.

Changes in nails can be an indicator of various diseases. For example, lung cancer becomes noticeable early on by changing nails. Green nail syndrome (GNS) can be recognized by green-colored nails. According to the information contained in the medical evidence, this is what lies behind it MSD Manual Pseudomonas infection.

Green nail syndrome: This is how the condition can arise

Green nail syndrome is often preceded by nail separation. ©

The bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the cause of GNS: when the bacteria grow, the green pigments pyocyanin and pyoverdine are produced. Thus, the bacteria color the nails green, where the color can range from bluish green to greenish brown to yellowish green. Usually only one or two nails are affected. In addition, the symptoms do not cause pain in patients. Green nail syndrome usually occurs in the following people:

  1. People with onycholysis (nail separation).
  2. People with chronic paronychia (inflammation of the nail folds).
  3. People whose hands are often in water or come into contact with irritating substances
  4. People who have artificial nails

The most common cause of GNS is separation of a previous nail, allowing bacteria to nest between the nail plate and the nail bed. The bacteria also affects fingernails, not toenails. In the case of artificial nails, bacteria have an easy time if partial removal of the nail template creates a cavity into which moisture and dirt can penetrate. The disease is usually treated successfully with antibiotics. However, in some cases the nail must be removed surgically.

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Green Nail Syndrome: This is how you can prevent this condition

According to information received from Altmaier Encyclopedia GNS is treated by those affected who constantly avoid wet work. In addition, the creation of a humid environment should be prevented. This can be achieved, for example, by wearing cotton gloves in addition to protective gloves. Nail models must be completely removed and may not be reapplied until completely healed.

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