May 22, 2024

Bremen students’ projects from science to sports

For the new Zisch edition, students worked in the areas of science, sports and training.

The school newspaper collection at the primary school on Nordstrasse in Walle took a closer look at the universe. In addition to scientific experiments in the fields of nature, technology and people, she experienced the additional exhibition “Reingefuchst – hands-on mathematics”. Your conclusion? The group reveals this in its article Zisch.

As part of the recycling theme, Year 8D from Neue Oberschule Gröpelingen found out what is sorted and processed at the Blokland recycling station and investigated recycling projects in which, for example, tires are turned into flip-flops.

Young people in the 8th grade at the high school on Leibnizplatz in Neustadt dealt with sleep. Among other things, they spoke to a leading doctor about sleep disorders and asked people in the area about their sleep habits.

Two business apprentices from Bremen went to Malta and Copenhagen. The furniture maker and ceramics expert has done internships in other European countries within the EU Erasmus+ programme. They told the 7.4 class at Bremen-Ost comprehensive school in Osterholz-Tenvier about their experiences.

The essays from 8th grade at Hamburger Street High School in the eastern suburbs are also about successful women. They were able to attend a training session for the SV Werder Bundesliga women’s team and spoke to midfielder Julianne Wirtz about, among other things, salaries and her life as a professional footballer.

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