December 4, 2023

Pang coach in the Premier League – Yverdon Sport rookie fires Schallebaum – Sport


Marco Schillebaum is no longer a coach at Yverdon-Sport. The dismissal comes as a surprise


Yverdon is no longer coach

Marco Schallebaum.

Keystone/Philip Schmidley

Coach crash in Premier League: Marco Schillebaum was sacked as coach of Yverdon Sport on Monday. FC Vaud, who are on the rise this season, started the season better than many expected. Yverdon currently sits eighth in the standings – ahead of Lausanne Sport and Stade Lausanne Ouchey, who have also reached the top floor.

Lack of success is not the reason for a breakup

Therefore, athletic achievements are not a reason for Schallebaum’s dismissal. Yverdon has only picked up one point in the last 3 matches. On Sunday they played 1-1 at home against Winterthur, and Schällibaum also saw a red card in the 70th minute after Christopher Longueu was sent off. However, the separation was made with the aim of looking to the future, the club wrote in a statement.

“This change is part of a long-term development process for the club, and in particular the new philosophy that the new owners want to transfer to Yverdon Sport,” the statement read. Yverdon-Sport has been in American hands since this summer: the owner is Jimmy Welsh and the president is Geoffrey Saunders.

They both aim high. They want to take the club forward at various levels, from the youth academy to the pitch. This now also includes their chosen coach, whose identity remains open. The experienced Schällibaum, who has already coached YB, Servette, Sion, Lugano, Aarau and Montreal, among others, has been appointed to the position by the old management.

The 61-year-old Schalleboom took charge of Vaud 16 months ago and led them back to the Premier League for the first time in 17 years. It is still unclear who will succeed him.

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