July 15, 2024

Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc chased down the thieves in his Ferrari

Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc chased down the thieves in his Ferrari

arrest the perpetrator

Here, Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc goes on to watch the robbers with his Ferrari

His luxury watch was stolen from Monegasque Charles Leclerc last year. Now the Italian police have arrested four suspects.


Here Leclerc pursued the thieves in his Ferrari.

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  • Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc was robbed in Italy last year.

  • The 25-year-old unsuccessfully pursued the thieves in his Ferrari.

  • The police celebrated, and arrested four suspects.

Currently Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc doesn’t just chase his opponents on Formula 1 tracks, no, he also did it in private life. But there was a good reason for that. Because a year ago, Monaco His precious watch was stolen in the Tuscan coastal town of Viareggio. A video that has now emerged shows the 25-year-old chasing the thieves in his Ferrari. Leclerc didn’t catch the criminals, but the police did this week.

The police arrested three men and a woman, all from Naples, who were said to be involved in the robbery. Police said the suspects, who all have criminal records, belong to a gang that specializes in stealing luxury watches.

She added that during a search, other valuable watches were seized. It is also reported that the gang attempted to steal another watch from another victim that same night, but failed. This was worth 40,000 francs.

Swiss Richard Mille 67-02

Two of those arrested released Leclerc from the luxury watch last April. According to media reports, fans noticed him on a dimly lit street and asked him for autographs and photos. The watch was stolen from Monaco in a small crowd.

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In their statement on Tuesday, the authorities spoke of “a watch from a well-known Swiss company with a very high value.” Different media write a value of over 300,000 francs, while others write about a custom-made product that costs nearly 2 million francs. It is said that the Swiss watch Richard Mille 67-02.

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