May 18, 2024

Outriders stock recovery has started - developers provide details

Outriders stock recovery has started – developers provide details

Many Outriders’ stocks have been removed. People Can Fly is now back in stock.

Developer People Can Fly has begun to take back inventory in Outriders. This applies primarily to so-called group A letters. “The characters in group A are characters that have been erased and they can no longer log in at this stage (error” Unable to contact the server “). Please check the affected characters during the day and ask to be sure to log out and then log back in when you are in the game At this point. If your character has not yet been restored, please be patient because it may take some time for the process to spread to affect all affected characters, “the developers said.

Group A recovery:

  • All items, regardless of their rarity, that were processed when your inventory was cleared will be restored.
  • All Legendary Items that were in your stock.
  • For non-legendary items: 20 previously purchased items were in your stock, with priority 1 on a rarity basis (descending from epic rarity) and priority 2 based on purchase history.
  • All completed prizes will be fully restored if you have previously reached the last level of the respective award.
  • Intermediate levels cannot be restored and advance towards an Accolade level.
  • Please note that we are not able to refund every missing item with 100% accuracy, but we do our best to ensure that the most valuable items are included.
  • If your inventory is already full, the restored items will be held on the server until there is space in your inventory and you sign out and log in again.
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Once the developers are satisfied with the Group A restore, stock restoration processes for Group B will begin. Group B players are players who have lost items but have been able to continue playing.