Development environment Android Studio 4.2 introduces upgrade processors

Six months after version 4.1, Google released an update to the Android Development IDE. Incorporates the open functions of IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2, offline use of online data and more.

With Version 4.2 of the Android Studio development environment For the first time, developers are receiving an upgrade wizard that should make it easier for them to migrate their apps to the latest versions. Also integrated Male in appearance Studio 4.2 All new features and features for IntelliJ IDEA 2020 Community Edition.

Upgrade Assistant and IntelliJ Functions Pack

Upgrade – help. (Screen capture: Google)

The new Android Gradle Plug-in (AGP) upgrade wizard provides a preview of the data affected by the AGP Upgrade. This way, older, but still selective configurations can be generally refreshed.

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 provides more convenience functions. For example, there is an updated GitHub user interface for checkout requests and an issues center window that lists errors and warnings for open files along with descriptions.

Safe Args support is new as well. This plug-in for Gradle helps pass data safely between two destinations in an application when using Jetpack navigation.

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Project Assistant, Offline Mode, Enhanced Test

Project assistant. (Screen capture: Google)

Additionally, Google is introducing a whole host of improvements Current jobs Like a database inspector, tracking the system, or applying changes. The new project wizard should make it easier to identify the types of Android devices. Module Assistant has a new look. This should facilitate handling of unit types.

Data can also now be managed in-app offline with Android Studio 4.2. The new offline mode allows the use of application databases that rely on an online connection, even if the network connection is lost. This should, for example, make it easier to diagnose app crashes.

Also worth noting is the new option to test apps on multiple devices simultaneously with Android Studio 4.2. You can do all the innovations and improvements im Android-Developer-Blog Read slowly. From there you can also download the IDE.

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