June 23, 2024

Our first impression of the Everybody 1-2-Switch • Nintendo Connect

Nintendo’s latest party theme song has been called out Everyone 1-2 switch The game will be officially released today for Nintendo Switch. Until shortly before release, there was a secret kept in the included mini-games, which made us a little hesitant at first. Yesterday, there was a Nintendo party in Berlin, where a number of media representatives were invited and where we were able to get an impression of whether there was really a festive atmosphere.

Yes, there can be a mood, but with some limitations: You need plenty of space and lots of friends or teammates. In smartphone mode, up to 100 people can participate in a game using nothing more than their smartphone – comparable to Jackbox games. On the bigger tour we felt like 40 players, but the exact count was hard with the crowd.

We were randomly divided into two teams, left and right. A “little party” was held, which lasted about 20 minutes. But there were also 40 and 60 minutes to choose from. Mini-games are also randomly selected. There are mini-games that are played in turns, but most are played simultaneously. Games like Bingo or Ochs am Berg (Squid fans know it as “Red Light, Green Light”) are played very intuitively and leave no room for ambiguity. With the ninja, on the other hand, there were problems with comprehension, which arose due to the large group and the resulting volume. But once you play this a few times, the rules become clear, so everyone should get their money’s worth. There is also a training run – so no one can excuse themselves for not understanding anything!

On site, we only participated in rides in smartphone mode and only saw other people on smaller Joy-Con rides. Up to eight people can participate when playing with Joy-Con only. The guys we watched were clearly having fun, but we always had the feeling the most fun came from getting as many people together as possible. With smaller groups, it seems to depend more on the participants. It is estimated that you should bring 6-8 people together in smartphone games so that a certain dynamic is created in the group, with Joy-Con even two players enough to have a good time. Maybe consider it Everyone 1-2 switch It doesn’t have to be the only headline for a successful “fun party and games afternoon/evening”, but it can be a good addition. In addition, only one person needs to play the game, while everyone else can join in using their smartphone, which we managed to do quickly and easily. Scan a QR code, take a funny selfie, type in a name and you’re good to go!

It is possible to skip individual tours, but the fun is in the participation. In addition, you can also write scripts between individual rounds, or select reactions, which are then displayed on the screen. But this is more than just a nice gimmick. Even unequal teams aren’t a problem: In one game round, we accidentally started a 6 vs. 2 game where two teams received a points boost at the end of each game evaluation, which could have a strong effect on the final number.

At Nintendo’s party, we had the most fun Everyone 1-2 switchthan we thought at first, which is also confirmed by others. However, we can’t yet imagine the game being as much fun in your living room as it is in a larger location. With a total of 17 games, you might run out of breath a bit quickly as you replay many games quickly. Additional games via DLC or Community Creations as in Super Mario Maker Or a Joy-Con garage Nintendo Lab It would be an interesting tactic to keep the title interesting in the long run. After all, you can also customize the questions on the test. You don’t need paper and pencil at a bingo party, your smartphone is your bingo card. Now it is up to both Nintendo and the players whether the 1-2 Switch series still has a chance in the future.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for last night’s successful party. Great location, really delicious food and many great encounters that make us remember for a long time. Pictures of the evening are still being sorted and displayed. If something useful comes up, it will definitely end up on Instagram soon – take a look!

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